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Chemicals and Solvents

Types of Cleanroom Disinfectants for Every Need

Cleanrooms are controlled environments that require stringent hygiene protocols to maintain a contamination-free atmosphere. Whether in the pharmaceutical, electronics, medical...

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Top 5 Chemicals for Critical Lab Cleaning

Cleanliness in the lab is essential for accurate and reliable results. To ensure that your lab space meets all standards...

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How To Properly Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Electronic Devices

Cleaning electronics with hydrogen peroxide can be a great way to remove germs, dust and even dirt without damaging the...

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What Is The Difference Between Hydrogen Peroxide 30% and 35% ?

Overview Hydrogen peroxide, the simplest peroxide, is a commonly used inorganic chemical. An oxidizer that breaks down to just oxygen...

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Ranking Oxidizing Agents Strongest to Weakest: Which is Best For Which Tasks?

For laboratories that routinely perform redox reactions for research or electronics assembly, having a library of oxidizing agents and understanding...

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