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Medical Device Manufacturing

Lab Pro is your complete lab resource partner in the medical device manufacturing industry. We supply the most innovative inspection microscopes, scientific lab equipment, chemicals...

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Electronics Manufacturing

Lab Pro specializes in critical environment solutions such as cleanrooms for housing electronic fabrication equipment, modular wet processing systems, handling tools, wafer transportation, vacuum chambers...

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3D Printing

As the cost of 3D printing equipment decreases, more researchers are now utilizing 3D printers in scientific research to make everything from lab equipment, disposable accessories, to realistic human organ models.

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Government Contractors

We partner with some of the most respected electronics manufacturers on the globe, providing turnkey sealing, shielding, and engineered solutions that result in flawless devices.

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503B Outsourcing Facilities

503B Outsourcing Facilities are compounding pharmacies designated by the FDA as outsourcing facilities that are approved to provide “office use” or “office administered” medications. Since 503Bs...

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Industrial Manufacturing

American manufacturing does a great deal for the economy and its success paves the way for even more opportunities across multiple industries. One key factor in industrial manufacturing is optimized...

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Aerospace facilities have very specific requirements and must adhere to strict guidelines to maintain the safety of their researchers and engineers. At Lab Pro, we provide the finest quality lab instruments and chemicals for all your aerospace...

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Janitorial Supplies & Facilities Maintenance

The safety of your staff and the cleanliness of your lab and other facilities are just some of Lab Pro’s top priorities. We never want you to run out of essential supplies, especially at a time when you need it.

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Agriculture and Cultivation

Agriculture and cultivation applications like soil, water, plant, biosolid, and other agricultural material testing require precise instruments, reliable chemicals, and reliable safety supplies to get...

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Lab and Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, time is of the essence but research labs and healthcare facilities can suffer without equipment or safety supplies that can keep up with the demands of everyday operations.

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Cleanroom Manufacturing

Cleanrooms provide an environment that is stable, reliable, and eliminate everyday contaminants such as dust. By manufacturing, assembling, inspecting, and packaging components inside a cleanroom

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Oil Extraction

Lab Pro is dedicated to distributing scientific lab testing equipment and supplies to the oil extraction and cannabis industry. We are your complete resource for cannabis testing, production, analysis, and extraction.

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At Lab Pro, we provide the latest lab instruments and chemicals for all your communication facility needs. Browse through our wipes, lab chemicals, microscopes, and precision hand tools including tweezers and...

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Pharmacy Compounding

Lab Pro is your one-stop source of pharmacy cleanroom supplies for sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacies. We specialize in working with compounding pharmacies ...

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Army, Navy, and Air Force laboratories across the country are national assets that must work around the clock to provide the country with technology-enabled solutions for current problems and develop new...

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Science Education and Teaching Institutions

Lab Pro is dedicated to distributing scientific equipment and laboratory supplies to schools and universities active in research. Whether you need microscopes, chemicals ...

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