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Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing
Lab Pro specializes in critical environment solutions such as cleanrooms for housing electronic fabrication equipment, modular wet processing systems, handling tools, wafer transportation, vacuum chambers, and desiccators for dry, ESD-free storage of wafers and chips. To find electronic manufacturing and handling lab products, shop at our laboratory supply store online or visit our showroom in San Jose.

Microchips and integrated circuits, commonly made from materials including silicon and copper, are the foundation of modern electronics.

The presence of impurities, from electrostatic discharge (ESD) to microscopic airborne particles, can have significant effects on the properties of the material and be the cause for defective devices. Failures can be immediate or latent – and both potentially costly – so environmental control is carefully monitored and quality testing typically consists of scenarios that re-create the most common failure modes.

Microchips come from round silicon “wafers” manufactured using a multi-step process that involves temperature, light, chemicals and water. A specialized work station is required, containing staging areas and baths for masking, etching, doping and washing. The finished wafers require protection from airborne contaminants, moisture and charged ions, so controlled storage is required in static-dissipative or -neutralizing desiccators and other storage and process enclosures.

Lab Pro is your complete lab resource partner for the electronic manufacturing industry. We supply the most innovative inspection microscopes, scientific lab equipment, chemicals,