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Vending Machine Solutions For PPE and Lab Supplies

Introducing Lab Pro's Innovative Vending Machine: Your One-Stop Solution for Lab and PPE Supplies!
Streamline Your Lab Supply Management with Lab Pro's Vending Machine
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual inventory management and supply shortages. Lab Pro is proud to present our cutting-edge vending machine designed specifically for laboratory and personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are revolutionizing how labs and research facilities access and manage their essential supplies.
Reduce Inventory
Utilize our local presence to minimize stored inventory and upfront expenses.
Save More
Boost savings: consolidate vendors, manage categories, cut freight, control spending.
Elevate productivity and revenue using vending automation
Key Features and Benefits:
Wide Range of Products
Our vending machine offers a comprehensive selection of lab supplies and essential PPE items, ensuring a safe and well-stocked lab environment.
Real-time Tracking and Reporting
Stay in control of your inventory with advanced tracking and reporting features. Gain real-time data on supply usage, restocking needs, and budget allocation to optimize lab efficiency.
Easy 24/7 Availability
Our lab supply and PPE vending machines provide convenient and hassle-free access to essential supplies, ensuring quick and easy retrieval whenever needed.
Inventory Control and Security
Our vending machines offer precise inventory control, tracking, and secure storage of lab supplies. You can monitor usage, restock efficiently, and ensure the security of your valuable inventory.
Customizable Solutions
Tailor the inventory selection and quantity to meet your lab's unique needs. Our vending machine provides customizable options for a seamless fit.
Efficiency and Convenience at Your Fingertips
Experience optimal lab operations with our vending machine. Enjoy seamless convenience and quick access to essential supplies, eliminating paperwork and the hassle of searching for items. Lab Pro's vending machine guarantees easy access to the right supplies at the right time.
Program each Locker Bay to do different functions:
Single Use — Single product removed and support notified for replenishment

Multi Dispense — Dispense more than one product and support notified for replenishment

Returnable — You can notify the system that you are returning an old product for a new product

Pick Up / Drop Off — Product can be picked up by using a unique code

Experience the Future of Lab Supply Management
Lab Pro's vending machine is the next step in revolutionizing the way you access and manage your lab and PPE supplies. Take control of your supply management and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. Contact Lab Pro today to learn more about our innovative vending machine and discover the future of lab supply management.