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    ESD Foot Grounders
    Engineered to safely contact grounded ESD flooring and support an uninterrupted path-to-ground interface by removing electrostatic charges from personnel, Lab Pro's foot grounders are adjustable, flexible, and durable. You can choose from our selection of foot grounders with different features and get one that suits your laboratory needs.
    Need ESD foot grounders immediately? You may reach us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Desco Heel Grounder with One Megohm Resistor -17200


    SCS Heel Grounder, Standard, D-Ring, Red Elastic - HGS1MD-RED


    SCS Front Sole Grounder, Small, 1 Meg Resistor - FSG1M-S


    SCS Front Sole Grounder, Medium, 1 Meg Resistor - FSG1M-M


    SCS Front Sole Grounder, Large, 1 Meg Resistor - FSG1M-L


    SCS Toe Grounder - TG1M


    SCS Heel Grounder, Disposable, Yellow / Black - 5402


    SCS Non Scuffing Cup Heel Grounder - NS-HGC1M


    SCS Heel Grounder, Cup Style, 2 Meg Resistor - HGC2M


    SCS Heel Grounder, Cup Style, Blue, 1 Meg, 1'' Wide Sole - HGC1M-N72-BLU


    SCS Heel Grounder, Economy Cup, Green - HGC1M-ECG


    SCS Heel Grounder, Economy Cup Style, 1 Meg Resistor - HGC1M-EC


    SCS Heel Grounder, Cup Style, 1 Meg Resistor - HGC1M


    SCS Heel Grounder, Economy, Dual Cup, Any Rubber - 770006


    SCS Heel Grounding Assembly With 1 Meg Resistor Burgundy - 2051


    SCS Bulk Economy Heel Grounding Assembly W/1 Meg Resistor - 2044

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