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    Lab Pro offers the broadest line of Lab Grade Water types, packaging and testing configurations. We distribute high purity Water that is manufactured by a continuous process that has been validated under cGMP standards. With the highest specifications in the industry, and delivery to anywhere in North America, we offer the following types of Lab Grade Water:
    • New! USP Purified, Sterile Filtered, WFI Quality • LC/MS • HPLC • ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type I, II, III, and IV • USP/EP/JP Purified • Distilled • Sterile, Molecular Biology Grade.

    WATER Deionized D.I. 18mOhm Reagent A.C.S. TYPE I 5gal Lab Pro


    Water Deionized D.I. 18mohm Reagent A.C.S. Type I 1gal. Lab Pro


    Ricca R9150000-20F D.I. Water ACS Reagent Grade ASTM Type I & Type II Packaged in Plastic Containers 5gal.


    Water, HPLC Grade 4L, Pharmco-Aaper 23200HPLCCS4L


    Water, Molecular Biology Grade, Sterile RNase Free, DNase Free, Protease Free, DEPC Free - R9145000-1G


    Water, ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type I, ASTM Type II Packaged in 4L plastic container - R9152000-4A


    Water, ASTM Type IV - R9151400-1A


    Water, ASTM Type III - R9151300-4A


    Water, ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type II - 9152-1


    Water Hardness Indicator, 0.5% (w/v) Eriochrome Black T in 2-Methoxyethanol - 9300-4


    Water, Distilled, Reagent Grade - 9180-32


    Water, Distilled, Reagent Grade - 9180-5


    Water, LC/MS, 4x4 Liter - ZH23200LCMSCS4L


    Water, USP, 55 Gl Ply Drm - ZP232000USPDM55


    Water, USP, 5 Gl Cube - ZP232000USPCB05


    Water, Deionized, 55 Gl Pl Dm - ZP2320000DIDM55