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    Serological Pipettes
    Serological pipettes have gradations to help you precisely measure and transfer liquids. Lab Pro offers a line of high-quality serological pipettes with calibrations up to 50mL. They are made of borosilicate glass, so you can trust that they are durable and contamination-free.
    Your Lab Pro Team also offers next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls. For bulk orders and more information, give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for live technical support.

    CAPP-Serological pipette 100mL, pink, 50 pcs.-SP-100C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 50mL, purple, 100 pcs.-SP-50C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 5mL, blue, 200 pcs.-SP-5C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 10mL, orange, 200 pcs.-SP-10C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 2mL, green, 500 pcs.-SP-2C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 1mL, yellow, 500 pcs.-SP-1C


    CAPP-Serological pipette 25mL, red, 150 pcs.-SP-25C


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 5ml Individually wrapped sterile - 2507633


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 50ml Individually wrapped sterile - 2507636


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 5ml bulk bag - 2507639


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 50ml bulk bag - 2507642


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 25ml Individually wrapped sterile - 2507635


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 1ml Individually wrapped sterile - 2507631


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 10ml bulk bag - 2507640


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 2ml bulk bag - 2507638


    Serological Pipettes, Pipet 2ml Individually wrapped - 2507632

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