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    Pipette Accessories
    Complete your pipette ensemble with Lab Pro's high-quality pipette accessories. We provide a wide range of gears, including pipet syringes, multi-channel solution reservoirs, membrane filters, pipette pumps, and pipette stands. These accessories help minimize liquid waste and ensure your lab operations are smooth and safe.
    Your Lab Pro Team offers next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls. For bulk orders and more information, give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for live technical support.

    PIPET SYRINGE 3cc SlipTip PK/100




    Reagent Reservoir, Universal, 3 Way: Single, 8-Place and 12-Place, White, 12/Case-140100


    ASPIR-8 Reservoir- 5mL- sterile- Individually wrapped- 100/cs-P7005-1S


    ASPIR-8 Reservoir- 5mL- sterile- 5/ sterile bag- 200/cs-P7005-5S


    ASPIR-8 Reservoir- 5mL- non-sterile- bulk pack- 300/cs-P7005


    Reservoir- 50ml sterile- 5/sterile bag- 200/cs-P8050-5S


    Reservoir- 50ml non-sterile- bulk pack- 100/cs-P8050


    Reservoir- 25ml sterile- Individually wrapped- 100/cs-P8025-1S


    Reservoir- 25ml non-sterile- bulk pack- 100/cs-P8025


    Reservoir- 10ml sterile- 5/ sterile bag- 200/cs-P8010-5S


    Aspir-8 Reservoir- 8-channel only- 25ml sterile- 5/ sterile bag- 200/cs-P7025-5S


    Reservoir- 100ml sterile- 5/sterile bag- 200/cs-P8100-5S


    Reservoir- 100ml sterile - Individually wrapped- 100/cs-P8100-1S


    Reservoir- 100ml non-sterile- bulk pack- 100/cs-P8100


    Reservoir- divided- 50ml sterile- 5/sterile bag- 200/cs-P8051-5S

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