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    ACS Grade Laboratory Chemicals
    Whether for analytical applications or general laboratory procedures that demand high purity, such as for medicine, food, and drug use, Lab Pro offers a wide array of top-quality ACS grade laboratory chemicals that exceed these standards. Our ACS grade laboratory chemicals range from superior quality triple distilled mercury for amalgams and fluorescent lamps to EDTA powder for anticoagulants.
    Reach us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776) for bulk orders of ACS grade laboratory chemicals. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Mek) Acs 1gal. - 354000ACSCSGF


    Sodium Bromide, Granular, Purified 500GM


    Bismuth Subcarbonate Acs 2.5kg


    Ethyl Acetate Acs 1gal.


    Sodium Phosphate Mono Acs 4oz


    Heptanes Acs 1gl


    Ammonium Hydroxide Acs 1pt.


    Ammonium Nitrate Acs 1lb.


    Ethyl Acetate Acs 1pt.


    POTASSIUM IODIDE ACS 4oz. - BDH9264-125G


    MIBK, 55 Gl Metal Drum - 355000000DM55M


    MEK, ACS, 5 Gl Metal Pail - 354000ACSPL05M


    MEK, ACS, 55 Gl Metal Drum - 354000ACSDM55M


    Ethyl Ether, DIS, 4x4 Lt - 373000DISCS4L


    Ethyl Ether, ACS, 5 Gl Mtl Pl - 373000000PL05M


    Ethyl Ether, ACS, 55 Gl Mt Drm - 373000000DM55M