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Chemicals and Solvents

What is Phosphoric Acid and Its Uses

Phosphoric acid is a strong, colorless crystalline acid commonly used in many industrial processes. It is odorless and has a...

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What Is An Acid? Definition, Types, Examples, Uses, & Facts

Acids play an important role in chemical reactions, our lives, and in the lives of many organisms. Here, we will...

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Quick Guide To Naming Acids

Acids are essential to many chemical processes. Reactions involving acids are determined by the transfer of protons or single H+...

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Top 10 Uses for Nitric Acid

What is Nitric Acid? Nitric acid is a conjugate acid of a nitrate. The nitrogen atom is bonded to both...

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Guide to Safely Handling Silicon Tetrachloride in Solar Panel Laboratories

As an active member of the solar energy industry, you’ve already made great strides in creating greener energy alternatives for...

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