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    Microscope Cameras
    Lab Pro delivers a full line of varied microscope cameras easily configured to match your specific specimens and applications. They come in a variety of modifications, helping you get the desired precise results. Our selection includes HDMI cameras, USB cameras, monochrome and colored cameras, scout cameras, and many more.
    Do you intend to purchase microscope cameras in bulk? Then don't hesitate to call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Excelis EC50 Color Microscopy Camera - AU-EC50


    Delphi-X Observer For Anatomopathology, Trinocular, Microscope With Swf 10X/25Mm - EDX-1053-PLI


    Standard 23.2Mm Tube For Oxion Upright, & Oxion Inverso Inverted Microscopes - EAE-5120-2


    Microscope Camera Hd-Mini Camera, Color High Definition 2, Mp Camera With Hd Screen, 1280 X 1080P - EVC-3024-HDS


    Microscope T2 Ring For Canon Eos Slr Digital Camera - EAE-5040


    Microscope T2 Ring For Nikon D Slr Digital Camera - EAE-5025


    Universal Slr Adapter With Built-In 2X, Lens For Standard 23.2Mm Tube. Needs T2 - EAE-5130


    Microscope Camera Cmex-18 Pro,18.0Mp Digital Usb-3, With 1/2.3 Inch Cmos Sensor - EDC-18000-PRO


    Microscope Camera Cmex-10 Pro, 10Mp Digital Usb-3, With 1/2.3 Inch Cmos Sensor - EDC-10000-PRO


    Microscope Camera Cmex-5 Pro, 5.0 Mp Digital Usb-3, With 1/2.5 Inch Cmos Sensor - EDC-5000-PRO


    Microscope Camera Ultra HD/4K With 1/1.8 Inch Sony, 4K Sensor, Standard Micro-Sd Card, Hdmi - EVC-3042


    Scienscope CC-CMC-12H 12" Monitor And Camera Combo


    Scienscope CC-SMART2 New second generation SmartCam


    Scienscope CC-HDMI-CD2 1080p VersaCam HDMI/USB Camera


    Scienscope CC-HDMI-CD1 High Definition Camera with 1080p and HDMI output


    Scienscope CC-HDMI-AF2 AutoFocus 1080p HDMI/WiFi camera