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Lab Pro Solutions

Solutions From the Pros
At Lab Pro we offer innovative solutions to enhance your laboratory operations. Whether you're focused on inventory management or improving the procurement process, our tools offer transparency and efficiency. Access your order history, take advantage of Quick Lists for effortless group reordering, and explore Subscription Services for cost savings. For quick access to supplies, consider our Lab Supply and PPE Vending Machines. Additionally, visit our Lab Equipment and Microscope Demo Room for hands-on product demonstrations and in-depth exploration. We've exceeded expectations to create solutions that have a meaningful impact on your processes.
Quick Lists: Simplify Reordering and Personalization
Experience the convenience of our easy-to-use tool that brings full transparency to your account orders.
Steamline frequently purchased
Effortlessly reorder groups of purchased items
Build personalized reference lists of key products
Order History
Experience complete transparency of your account orders with our user-friendly feature.
View Previously ordered items
Search previous orders
Easily reorder individual items
Subscription Services
Our Subscribe and Save option ensures that you have a consistent supply of lab items while maximizing your savings.
Automatic deliveries ensure uninterrupted workflow
Save money on repeat and recurring orders
Streamlined procurement process through online subscription
Lab Supply and PPE Vending Machines
Discover the convenience of Lab Supply and PPE Vending Machines for quick and easy access to essential laboratory supplies and personal protective equipment.
Easy Access of lab supplies and PPE
24/7 Availability
Inventory Control and security of lab supplies
Lab Equipment and Microscope Demo Room
Experience before purchase! Visit our microscope and lab equipment demo room to test and explore products firsthand.
Hands on product training
Live product demos
Comprehensive Microscope demonstrations