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Frequently Used Chemicals with Molecular Weight and Molecular Formula

Provided below is a list of common chemical compounds with their molecular weights and their chemical formulas. Chemical formulae provides a way to represent chemical substances using the symbol of the elements that it includes.

Compound Name Molecular Weight Molecular Formula
Acetaldehyde 44.05 g/mol C2H4O
Acetamide 59.068 g/mol C2H5NO
Acetate 59.044 g/mol CH3COO–
Acetic acid 60.052 g/mol CH3COOH
Acetone 58.08 g/mol C3H6O
Acetonitrile 41.053 g/mol C2H3N
Acetylene 26.038 g/mol C2H2
Aluminium hydroxide 78.00 g/mol Al(OH)3
Aluminium sulfate 342.15 g/mol Al2(SO4)3
Aluminum 26.982 g/mol Al
Aluminum bromide 266.69 g/mol AlBr3
Aluminum fluoride 83.9767 g/mol AlF3
Aluminum oxide 101.96 g/mol Al2O3
Aluminum phosphate 121.951 g/mol AlPO4
Aluminum sulfide 150.158 g/mol Al2S3
Ammonia 17.031 g/mol NH3
Ammonium acetate 77.083 g/mol C2H3O2NH4
Ammonium bicarbonate 96.086 g/mol NH4HCO3
Ammonium bromide 97.943 g/mol NH4Br
Ammonium carbonate 96.086 g/mol (NH4)2CO3
Ammonium chloride 53.489 g/mol NH4Cl
Ammonium hydroxide 35.046 g/mol NH4OH
Ammonium iodide 144.94 g/mol NH4I
Ammonium nitrate 80.043 g/mol NH4NO3
Ammonium nitrite 64.06 g/mol NH4NO2
Ammonium oxide 52.0763 g/mol (NH4)2O
Ammonium persulfate 228.18 g/mol (NH4)2S2O8
Ammonium phosphate 132.056 g/mol (NH4)3PO4
Ammonium sulfate 132.134 g/mol (NH4)2SO4
Argon gas 39.948 g/mol Ar
Ascorbic acid 176.12 g/mol C6H8O6
Barium bromide 297.14 g/mol BaBr2
Barium carbonate 197.34 g/mol BaCO3
Barium chloride 208.23 g/mol BaCl2
Barium fluoride 175.34 g/mol BaF2
Barium hydroxide 171.341 g/mol Ba(OH)2
Barium iodide 391.136 g/mol BaI2
Barium nitrate 261.337 g/mol Ba(NO3)2
Barium oxide 153.326 g/mol BaO
Barium sulfate 233.38 g/mol BaSO4
Benzene 78.11 g/mol C6H6
Benzoic acid 122.12 g/mol C7H6O2
Bicarbonate 61.016 g/mol CHO3–
Bleach ‎74.439 g/mol NaClO
Boric acid 61.83 g/mol H3BO3
Bromate ‎127.901 g/mol BrO3–
Bromine 54.9380 g/mol Br
Bromothymol Blue 624.384 g/mol C27H28Br2O5S
Butane 58.12 g/mol C4H10
Butanoic acid 88.11 g/mol C4H8O2
Calcium acetate 158.17 g/mol C4H6O4Ca
Calcium Carbide 64.099 g/mol CaC2
Calcium carbonate 100.086 g/mol CaCO3
Calcium Chloride 110.98 g/mol CaCl2
Calcium hydride 42.094 g/mol CaH2
Calcium hydroxide 74.092 g/mol Ca(OH)2
Calcium iodide 293.887 g/mol CaI2
Calcium nitrate 164.088 g/mol Ca(NO3)2
Calcium oxide 56.0774 g/mol CaO
Calcium phosphate 310.18 g/mol Ca3(PO4)2
Carbon Disulfide 76.13 g/mol CS2
Carbon monoxide 28.01 g/mol CO
Carbon tetrachloride 153.811 g/mol CCl4
Carbonic acid 62.024 g/mol H2CO3
Cellulose 162.1406 g/mol (C6H10O5)n
Chlorine ‎70.9 g/mol Cl2
Chlorine gas ‎70.9 g/mol Cl2
Chlorine Trifluoride ‎92.448 g/mol ClF3
Chloroacetic acid 94.49 g/mol C2H3O2Cl
Chromate ‎15.992 g/mol CrO42-
Chromic acid 118.01 g/mol H2CrO4
Chromic Oxide 151.9904 g/mol Cr2O3
Citric acid 192.123 g/mol C6H8O7
Copper (II) chloride 134.45 g/mol CuCl2
Copper ii carbonate 123.55 g/mol CuCO3
Copper sulfate 159.609 g/mol CuSO4
Copper(I) Oxide 143.09 g/mol Cu2O
Cyanide 26.02 g/mol CN−
Diatomic Bromine 159.808 g/mol Br2
Dichloromethane 84.93 g/mol CH2Cl2
Dichromate 294.185 g/mol K2Cr2O7
Dihydrogen monoxide 18.01528 g/mol OH2
Dimethyl sulfoxide 78.13 g/mol C2H6OS
Dimethylglyoxime 116.12 g/mol C4H8N2O2
Dinitrogen monoxide 44.013 g/mol N2O
Dinitrogen Pentoxide 30.07 g/mol N2O5
Dinitrogen trioxide 76.01 g/mol N2O3
Dipotassium Phosphate 174.2 g/mol K2HPO4
Ethane 30.07 g/mol C2H6
Ethanol 46.069 g/mol C2H5OH
Ethylene 28.054 g/mol C2H4
Ethylene glycol 62.07 g/mol C2H6O2
Eugenol 164.2 g/mol C10H12O2
Fluorine 18.998403 u F
Formaldehyde 30.031 g/mol CH2O
Formic Acid 46.03 g/mol HCOOH
Fructose 180.16 g/mol C6H12O6
Glycerin 92.09 g/mol C3H8O3
Helium atomic mass ‎4.002602 u He
Hexamine 140.186 g/mol C6H12N4
Hexane 86.18 g/mol C6H14
Hydrazine 32.0452 g/mol N2H4
Hydrobromic acid 80.912 g/mol HBr
Hydrochloric acid 36.458 g/mol HCl
Hydrocyanic acid 27.0253 g/mol HCN
Hydrogen peroxide 34.0147 g/mol H2O2
Hydrogen sulfate 97.064 g/mol HSO4–
Hydroiodic acid 127.91 g/mol HI
Hydroquinone 110.11 g/mol C6H6O2
Hydroxide 17.007 g/mol OH−
Hypobromous acid 96.911 g/mol HBrO
Hypochlorite 51.449 g/mol ClO–
Hypochlorous acid 52.457 g/mol HClO
Hypoiodous acid 143.89 g/mol HIO
Iodide 253.809 g/mol I
Iodine Atomic mass 126.90 g/mol I
Iron iii oxide 159.687 g/mol Fe2O3
Iron oxide 159.69 g/mol Fe2O3
Lactic acid 90.078 g/mol C3H6O3
Lead (IV) oxide 239.1988 g/mol PbO2
Lead Acetate 325.29 g/mol Pb(C2H3O2)2
Lead ii acetate 325.29 g/mol Pb(C2H3O2)2
Lead iodide 461.01 g/mol PbI2
Lithium bromide 86.844 g/mol LiBr
Lithium chloride 42.394 g/mol LiCl
Lithium hydroxide 23.95 g/mol LiOH
Lithium iodide 133.844 g/mol LiI
Lithium oxide 29.88 g/mol Li2O
Lithium phosphate 115.79 g/mol Li3PO4
Magnesium carbonate 84.313 g/mol MgCO3
Magnesium chloride 95.211 g/mol MgCl2
Magnesium hydroxide 58.319 g/mol Mg(OH)2
Magnesium iodide 278.1139 g/mol MgI2
Magnesium nitrate 148.313 g/mol Mg(NO3)2
Magnesium oxide 40.3044 g/mol MgO
Compound Name Molecular Weight Molecular Formula
Magnesium phosphate 262.855 g/mol Mg3(PO4)2
Magnesium sulfate 120.361 g/mol MgSO4
Magnesium sulfide 56.38 g/mol MgS
Maleic acid 116.072 g/mol C4H4O4
Maltose 342.3 g/mol C12H22O11
Manganese dioxide 86.9368 g/mol MnO2
Mannitol 182.172 g/mol C6H14O6
Mercuric chloride 271.52 g/mol HgCl2
Methane 16.043 g/mol CH4
Methanol 32.04 g/mol CH3OH
Methyl acetate 74.079 g/mol C3H6O2
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 72.107 g/mol C4H8O
Methylene blue 319.85 g/mol C16H18ClN3S
Monopotassium Phosphate 136.086 g/mol KH2PO4
Monosodium Glutamate 169.111 g/mol C5H8NO4Na
Nickel acetate 178.797 g/mol C4H8O4Ni
Nickel nitrate 182.703 g/mol Ni(NO3)2
Nickel sulfate 154.75 g/mol NiSO4
Nitric acid 63.012 g/mol HNO3
Nitrite 46.005 g/mol NO2−
Nitrogen dioxide 46.0055 g/mol NO2
Nitrogen monoxide 30.006 g/mol NO
Nitrous acid 47.013 g/mol HNO2
Oxalate ‎88.018 g/mol C2O42−
Oxalic acid 90.03 g/mol H2C2O4
Oxygen Atomic mass 15.999 g/mol O
Ozone 48 g/mol O3
Para dichlorobenzene 147.01 g/mol C6H4Cl2
Perchloric acid 100.46 g/mol HClO4
Permanganate 158.034 g/mol KMnO4
Peroxydisulfuric Acid 194.14 g/mol H2S2O8
Phenol 94.11 g/mol C6H6O
Phenolphthalein 318.32 g/mol C20H14O4
Phenyl 77.106 g/mol C6H5
Phosphate 94.9714 g/mol PO43-
Phenyl 77.106 g/mol C6H5
Phosphoric acid 97.994 g/mol H3PO4
Phosphorous Acid 82 g/mol H3PO3
Phosphorus pentachloride 208.24 g/mol PCl5
Phosphorus Trichloride 137.33 g/mol PCl3
Phosphorus Triiodide 411.6872 g/mol PI3
Polystyrene 104.1 g/mol (C8H8)n
Polyurethane Foam 548.589 g/mol C27H36N2O10
Potassium acetate 98.142 g/mol CH3CO2K
Potassium bicarbonate 100.114 g/mol KHCO3
Potassium Bromide 119.002 g/mol KBr
Potassium carbonate 138.205 g/mol K2CO3
Potassium chlorate 122.545 g/mol KClO3
Potassium chloride 74.5513 g/mol KCl
Potassium chromate 194.189 g/mol CrK2O4
Potassium cyanide 65.12 g/mol KCN
Potassium dichromate 294.185 g/mol K2Cr2O7
Potassium Ferrocyanide 368.35 g/mol K4Fe(CN)6
Potassium fluoride 58.0967 g/mol KF
Potassium hydroxide 56.11 g/mol KOH
Potassium hypochlorite 90.55 g/mol KClO
Potassium Iodate 214.001 g/mol KIO3
Potassium iodide 166.0028 g/mol KI
Potassium nitrate 101.102 g/mol KNO3
Potassium nitrite 85.103 g/mol KNO2
Potassium oxide 94.2 g/mol K2O
Potassium phosphate 136.084 g/mol KH2PO4
Potassium sulfite 158.26 g/mol K2SO3
Potassium Thiocyanate 97.181 g/mol KSCN
Propane 44.097 g/mol C3H8
Pyridine 79.1 g/mol C5H5N
Resorcinol 110.1 g/mol C6H6O2
Salicylic Acid 138.121 g/mol C7H6O3
Silicon dioxide 60.083 g/mol SiO2
Silver acetate 166.91 g/mol AgC2H3O2
Silver carbonate 275.7453 g/mol Ag2CO3
Silver chloride ‎143.318 g/mol AgCl
Silver nitrate 169.872 g/mol AgNO3
Silver oxide 231.735 g/mol Ag2O
Silver phosphate 418.58 g/mol Ag3PO4
Sodium acetate 82.0343 g/mol C2H3NaO2
Sodium bicarbonate 84.0066 g/mol NaHCO3
Sodium bisulfate 120.06 g/mol NaHSO4
Sodium borate 201.22 g/mol Na2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O
Sodium bromide 102.894 g/mol NaBr
Sodium carbonate 105.9888 g/mol Na2CO3
Sodium Chlorate 106.44 g/mol NaClO3
Sodium chloride 58.44 g/mol NaCl
Sodium chromate 161.97 g/mol Na2CrO4
Sodium citrate 258.06 g/mol Na3C6H5O7
Sodium cyanide 49.0072 g/mol NaCN
Sodium dichromate 261.97 g/mol Na2Cr2O7
Sodium fluoride 41.98817 g/mol NaF
Sodium hydroxide 39.997 g/mol NaOH
Sodium hypochlorite 74.439 g/mol NaClO
Sodium iodide 149.894 g/mol NaI
Sodium metabisulfite 190.107 g/mol Na2S2O5
Sodium nitrate 84.994 g/mol NaNO3
Sodium nitride 82.976 g/mol Na3N
Sodium nitrite 68.9953 g/mol NaNO2
Sodium oxide 61.9789 g/mol Na2O
Sodium Percarbonate 157.01 g/mol C2H6Na4O12
Sodium peroxide 77.98 g/mol Na2O2
Sodium phosphate 119.976 g/mol Na3PO4
Sodium potassium tartrate 282.1 g/mol C4H4O6KNa·4H2O
Sodium silicate 122.062 g/mol (Na2O)x·SiO2
Sodium sulfate ‎142.036 g/mol Na2SO4
Sodium sulfide 78.0452 g/mol Na2S
Sodium sulfite ‎126.043 g/mol Na2SO3
Sodium Thiosulfate 158.11 g/mol Na2S2O3
Stearic acid ‎284.484 g/mol C18H36O2
Strontium chloride 158.52 g/mol SrCl2
Strontium nitrate 211.628 g/mol Sr(NO3)2
Sucrose 342.2965 g/mol C12H22O11
Sulfate ion 96.06 g/mol SO42−
Sulfur dioxide 64.066 g/mol SO2
Sulfur Hexafluoride 146.06 g/mol SF6
Sulfur trioxide 80.057 g/mol SO3
Sulfuric acid 98.072 g/mol H2SO4
Sulfurous acid 82.073 g/mol H2SO3
Tannic acid 1701.19 g/mol C76H52O46
Tartaric acid 150.087 g/mol C4H6O6
Tetrachloroethylene 165.83 g/mol C2Cl4
Tin (II) chloride 189.60 g/mol SnCl2
Tin Oxide 97.561 g/mol SnO2
Titanium dioxide 79.866 g/mol TiO2
Toluene 92.14 g/mol C7H8
Trichloroacetic acid 163.38 g/mol C2HCl3O2
Urea ‎60.056 g/mol CH4N2O
Urethane 89.09 g/mol  C3H7NO2
Xenon Difluoride ‎169.29 g/mol XeF2
Xylene 106.16 g/mol  C8H10
Zinc acetate 183.48 g/mol Zn(CH3COO)2(H2O)2
Zinc carbonate 125.388 g/mol ZnCO3
Zinc chloride 136.286 g/mol ZnCl2
Zinc hydroxide 99.424 g/mol Zn(OH)2
Zinc iodide 319.22 g/mol ZnI2
Zinc nitrate 189.388 g/mol Zn(NO3)2
Zinc phosphate 386.11 g/mol Zn3(PO4)2
Zinc sulfate 161.436 g/mol ZnSO4
Zinc sulfide 97.474 g/mol ZnS