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    Microscope Accessories
    Lab Pro's premium-quality microscope accessories help maintain your microscopes in the lab and achieve a perfect imaging system. Discover a wide range of microscope adapters, microscope stands, HDMI cameras, halogen illuminators, replacement lamp sockets, and many more.
    For bulk microscope accessory orders, reach us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Adapter for MA305 to EMZ


    Meiji BD-M-LED Pole Microscope Stand - Darkfield


    LWD Objective 20X, PE, WD 11mm


    LWD Objective 50X, PE WD 7.5mm


    MicroSCOPE 4,10,40X w/Fl. ILL.


    Fusion 35-04-13-000 COAX Illum focus manual


    ML-U2514MP9 - FL=25mm F1.4-Close 1" (16.5mm) 9MP Filter Thread M32 P0.5


    Meiji DZ4-T Zoom Ratio 12:1


    Meiji Daylight Control Ring Light - MA961D/40


    Meiji FR-LED High output LED Ring Light illuminator 24 volt output/110V-240V


    Meiji FS-76 Focus Block 76MM for EM Stand


    Meiji KLB stand - KBL/3


    Meiji MA151/35/03 "C" mount adapter with 0.3X lens


    Meiji MA151/35/05 - "C" mount adapter with 0.5X lens


    Meiji MA151/35/15 - "C" mount adapter with 1.0X lens


    Meiji S-2300 Universal dual arm boom stand