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Cleanroom Manufacturing

Cleanroom Manufacturing

Cleanrooms provide an environment that is stable, reliable, and eliminate everyday contaminants such as dust. By manufacturing, assembling, inspecting, and packaging components inside a cleanroom, end-users of cleanroom manufacturing products can be assured that their chances of meeting sterility and regulatory compliance are within reach.

Manufacturing inside a cleanroom not only demands a heightened level of competency from its personnel, but it also requires the best quality supplies to maintain environmental standards and overall cleanliness.

Lab Pro offers cleanroom manufacturers a wide array of cleanroom manufacturing supplies including PPE supplies, frocks, coveralls, lab coats, bouffant caps, face masks, sleeves, shoe covers, cleanroom gloves, wipes, swabs, IPA & cleaners, cleanroom paper, sticky mats, and isopropyl alcohol. Shop for your essentials right here on our website, or stop by our San Jose showroom today!