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    Inorganic Chemicals
    Lab Pro delivers a wide range of reliable laboratory inorganic chemicals designed for chemical, medical, and industrial applications. Browse through our first-class inorganic chemical catalysts, metal chemical compounds, chemical salts, and many more, with volumes varying from 4 ounces to 110 pounds.
    Do you need lab inorganic chemicals delivered to your laboratory immediately? Call us at 888-4-LABPRO (888-452-2776). We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Potassium Hydroxide 45% 1 Gallon - KMG


    Ferric Ammonium Sulfate 4oz


    Mercuric Nitrate 0.01 N.1Ltr - MN1408-1LT




    Barium Titanate 1 Lb.


    Sodium Chloride Sol. 0.90% 1gl


    Sodium Phosphate Dibasic 100g


    Barium Sulfate Lab Grade 1lb.


    Potassium Nitrate Lab 1lb.


    Potassium Nitrate Tech 4oz.


    Potassium Phosphate Mono 4oz.


    Sodium Chloride 99.8% H-P 5lb.


    Sodium Thiosulfate 0.1 N 1 gallon - ST1250-38


    Potassium Hydroxide, 0.5 Normal in Methanol 1ltr bottle - PHMP5N-1


    Ricca Potassium Hydroxide, 30% (w/v), 4lt - 6153-1


    Potassium Fluoride, Anhydrous, Technical - P1858