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Lab Pro is your one-stop shop for chemistry lab supplies. We are a laboratory supply store based in San Jose, distributing all the laboratory supplies and equipment you need for your operation. Lab Pro Inc. is also one of the largest chemical supply stores in the United States. From commercial laboratories to school and university labs, we provide a comprehensive selection of chemistry lab supplies and other industry verticals. To find the best equipment and supplies, shop our laboratory supply store online or visit our showroom in San Jose.

Yamato Scientific Products

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Browse through Yamato Scientific's innovative product lines including ovens, autoclaves, cold trap systems, incubators, mixers amd more.

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The staff is very knowledgeable and ready to assist.

— Holly from Google Reviews

Great Company, good and quality stock on shelf.

— Ed from Google Reviews

For high end microscope equipment and the best technical advice, there is no other option in the bay area.

— Tim from Google Reviews

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