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Cleanroom Wipes

Elevating Cleanliness and Protection in Semiconductor Fabs with Cleanroom Wipes

In the intricate world of semiconductor manufacturing, maintaining an ultra-clean environment is paramount. Even the tiniest particle can disrupt the...

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Top 5 Uses of Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (IPA 70%) Presaturated Wipes for the Medical Device Industry

70% IPA Cleanroom Wipes, Elegantly Engineered for Cleaning Medical Devices Pre-wetted, or presaturated, 70% IPA wipes remove particles and contaminants...

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IPA 70% Presaturated Wipe versus IPA 91% Presaturated Wipes: Which Is Better for Your Purposes?

What is IPA? IPA or isopropanol is also known as isopropyl alcohol or 2-propanol. It's a common disinfectant and cleaner...

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Best Wipes to use for Electronic Production Lines

When working on an electronic production line, cleanliness is critical. It's essential to keep the work area and components free...

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