Yamato SM-211 Std Sterilizer With Dryer 20l 220v

SKU: SM-211  Autoclaves & Steam Sterilizers,
High performance, fully automatic 20L standard steam sterilization from start to finish with high pressure steam sterilization and drying steps. Automatic operations from sterilization to drying carried out with an interactive key input system. Quick sample drying capability makes samples ready to use right after sterilization. Drying temperature can be set according to sample material, quantity, etc. Timer range from 1~999 hours. Drain bottle water level can be quickly confirmed on the front panel level indicator. Drain valve located in front for easy access. Absence of protrusions in sterilization chamber makes insertion & removal of baskets, and other items quick and easy. Self-diagnostic functions make operation safer and error recovery quicker. Condensation collector neutralizes high temperature exhaust steam safely. Sterilizing temp. range 105 to 123°C. Drying temp range 150 to 180°C.
Product Categories: Autoclaves - Steam
Size (W x H x L): 36 x 49 x 36
Weight: 216Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8419.20.0020
UNSPSC Code: 42281508 - Steam autoclaves or sterilizers
Country of Origin: JP