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Lab Clean

Wipers are used to remove contaminaton in both general facility/ environment cleaning and critcal product/process cleaning. They are a high-visibility item in the critcal environment because they are used to clean all surfaces. A few examples include: wiping operators’ gloves; wiping cart wheels as they enter the fab; wiping

the inner protectve bags that contain producton supplies; cleaning work staton surfaces; cleaning producton equipment and final wipe down of fnished product.

One-ply and two-ply 100% contnuous flament knit synthetc polyesters low
in partculates and extractable, high in durability and strength, and are rec-
ommended for removal of dry partculates and contaminants. The two-ply

polyester is more absorbent than one-ply polyester because of its quilted tex
ture’s ability to retain liquids. suited for ultra-clean environments.