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Lab Pro Inc. Announces Expansion And New Facility Opening in Southern California

DOWNEY, CA, February 2022 – Lab Pro Inc., a leading distributor of lab supplies, chemicals, PPE, and cleanroom products established in 1979, is excited to announce the expansion of its facilities following the company’s remarkable growth over the past 4 years. The new distribution site brings Lab Pro’s operations and service capabilities to prioritize the needs of its increasing customer base in Southern California.

With the expansion Lab Pro will be adding an additional 7,000 sqft of warehouse space in Downey California, which will translate to more room, better local inventory, and improved service for their Southern California customers. The expansion and new additions will include a state-of-the-art laboratory demo room for customers and guests, and an ample amount of space to support growth and development.

The enhanced capacity also allows Lab Pro to offer Same Day Service throughout Southern California and its Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program to clients in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. These solutions provide unparalleled convenience, eliminate extra fees, and solve laboratory supply disruptions that will, in turn, keep the customers’ operations running smoothly more than ever.

Lab Pro’s Same Day Service gives Southern California customers a choice from delivery or pick-up at the local site for lab supplies, PPE, cleanroom products, microscopes, hazardous materials, and many other product lines. It goes well with Lab Pro’s VMI Program that helps customers achieve optimal inventory management of chemicals and lab supplies, ensuring cost reduction and efficient inventory turnover. Learn how the VMI Program can simplify your inventory management and save you time and money here.

The Lab Pro Delivery Service Team is dedicated to delivering consistently excellent products with concierge service. As a result, customers can ensure the quality and condition of the items from the order collection to delivery at the doorstep.

Please contact a representative at or 888-452-2776 to learn how Lab Pro can reduce your lab supply spend while providing shortened delivery times.

Click here to download full copy of the press release.

1 thoughts onLab Pro Inc. Announces Expansion And New Facility Opening in Southern California

  1. avatar Rick Campo says:

    Congratulations LabPro. We are looking forward to working with you to serve the Southern California market

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