SCS Descisccant - Kraft Pouch, 1/2 Unit, 550/Pail - 1/2KDES550

SKU: 1/2KDES550  ESD Packaging Accessories,SCS
  • Use Desiccant Pack in Moisture Barrier Bags to absorb moisture
  • Provides protection for moisture sensitive electronics (such as SMT – Surface Mount Technology); Best practice is to use with a Humidity Indicator Card; See Selection Chart 
  • Desiccant is secured in economical, brown kraft paper pouches
  • Recommended amount of desiccant is dependent on the interior surface area of the bag to be used, see EIA-583, Table 1; our Desiccant Calculator will help you estimate how much desiccant your application requires
  • Can be baked and re-used
  • No hazardous substances; see RoHS 3, REACH, Toxics in Packaging Statement
  • Not recommended for use in clean rooms
  • Made in North America