Chemistry Hardware Assortment, Deluxe - HRDKIT4

A comprehensive assortment of glassware, plasticware, porcelain and other hardware most commonly used in general chemistry labs. Kit includes the following: Contents: Beaker, Glass, 100ml 1EA. Beaker, Glass, 250ml 1EA. Beaker, Glass, 400ml 1EA. Beaker, Glass, 1000ml 1EA. Bottle, Wash, 125ml, Plastic 1EA. Clamp, Burette 1EA. Clamp, Mohr's Pinchcock 1EA.Crucible with Cover, 10ml 1EA.Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 10ml 1EA. Cylinder, Graduated, Glass, 50ml 1EA. Cylinder, Graduated, Plastic (PP), 100ml 1EA. Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 35ml 1EA. Filter Paper, 9cm dia., pk/100 1EA. Flask, Boiling, 100ml 1EA. Flask, Boiling, 250ml 1EA. Flask, Erlenmeyer, Glass, 250ml 1EA. Flask, Erlenmeyer, Glass, 500ml 1EA. Flask, Volumetric, w/stopper,250ml 1EA. Laboratory Apron 1EA.Mortar & Pestle, 90mm 1EA. Rubber Stopper, #1, solid 6EA. Rubber Stopper, #1, one-hole 1EA. Rubber Stopper, #2, solid 1EA. Rubber Stopper, #2, one-hole 1EA. Rubber Stopper, #2, two-hole 1EA. Rubber Stopper, #6, solid 3EA. Rubber Stopper, #6, one-hole 3EA. Rubber Stopper, #6, two-hole 3EA.Spatula, Stainless Steel 1EA. Test Tube, Glass, 16 x 150mm 6EA. Test Tube Brush 1EA.Test Tube Clamp 1EA.Test Tube Rack, 2-tier, wooden 1EA. Tongs, Crucible 1EA. Triangle, Clay Pipe 1EA. Tripod Stand, 6" 1EA.Stirring Rod, Glass, pk/12 1EA.Support Stand, with 18" Rod 1EA. Support Ring, 3" O.D. with clamp 3EA. Test Paper, Litmus, Blue 1EA. Test Paper, Litmus, Red 1EA. Test Paper, Cobalt Chloride 1EA. Tubing, Glass, Assorted, one pound 1EA. Wire Gauze, 5" square 1EA.
Additional Info: Chemistry Hardware Assortment, Deluxe
Package Size(L x W x H): 18 X 11 X 11 (IN)
Categories: Kits & Assortments, Chemistry
HTS Code: 7326.90.8588
UNSPSC: 4.11e+007
Country Of Origin: INDIA