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    General Chemistry
    Lab Pro’s general chemistry lab kits and supplies are practical tools that come in different sizes to help your students understand basic chemistry concepts. Get your learners inspired with our paper chromatography materials, chemistry labware kits, periodic table posters, buffer calibration kits, luminol blends, and more, available in different dimensions and capacities.
    Please give us a call or chat with a customer service representative for bulk orders or urgent inquiries. We also offer next-day service in California and same-day service for will-calls.

    Acids, Bases, And The Ph Scale Air Version USA -IS2507-AIR


    Buffer Solution Ph 7 Yellow -IS5052


    Luminol Blend - For Forensic Detection Of Blood -IS5040


    Thin Layer Chromatography -IS2504


    Paper Chromatography -IS2503


    Chemistry Labware Kit - HRDKIT3


    Periodic Table Poster 45x35 " -IS2941


    Periodic Table Poster 21"X 34 -IS2940


    Periodic Table Pen Case/25 -IS2920-CS/25


    Periodic Table Set/25 11 In X 17 In -IS2910


    Periodic Table, Laminated 11 In X 17 In -IS2900


    Principles Of Stoichiometry -IS8060


    Buffer Calibration Kit 250ml -IS5054


    Buffer Solution Ph 10 Blue -IS5053


    Buffer Solution Ph 4 Red -IS5051


    Buffer Calibration Kit 500ml -IS5050