KIMAX® Berzelius Beakers, Tall Form, Graduated, Borosilicate Glass, Kimble Chase 200ml Case/12

SKU: 89001-086  Beakers,Glass Beakers
Capacity- 200 mL (7 oz.)
Height- 104mm
Outer Diameter- 57mm
Graduation Range- 25–150ml
Unit of measure: Case/12
These berzelius, tall form, double capacity scale beakers are manufactured with uniform wall thickness, particularly in the critical radius point of the heel area.

  • Beakers feature a slightly flared top with a thick reinforcing bead
  • Available with or without a pouring spout
  • All sizes have a durable matte finish area for clear marking, and easy-to-read white scales to indicate approximate volumes

This strong and durable beaker exhibits excellent mechanical and thermal shock resistance.