Impedance Monitor, 2 Operators Or 2 Mats Or 1 Operator + 1 Mat (For Single Wire Wrist Straps) - EMN-PX1688


The ANSI ESD S20.20 standard helps us plan a good program and the grounding system is the most important part in the Control of Electrostatic Discharges. Our monitoring system ensures the continuous grounding of the operator, maintaining a 100% grounded state throughout. In the event of any cable or wristband impairment, this equipment promptly triggers an alarm.

> Features:
• Versatile personal grounding monitoring
• Possible usage combinations: One operator + Table mat, two operators or two mats
• Visible and audible alarms
• Optional to operate a single port
• Compatible with most banana input bracelets
• Easy to use and assemble
• Can be calibrated “in-house” to different mat sizes.
• Meets and exceeds the requirements of the ANSI ESD S20.20 standard.