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Science Education

Science Education

The Ultimate Lab Supply List for High School Chemistry Courses

This list will give you details and experiments that you will be able to perform with different lab supply products that are needed for many high school level chemistry courses.

pH Papers

pH papers test the levels of concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.  The numbers are measured using a pH scale.  This scale is used to measure how basic (alkalinity) or acidic a solution is.

An easy experiment is to give students basic liquids and have them guess whether they think the liquids would be acidic or basic.  Then have the students test the items with the pH papers.  Examples of liquids would be coffee, lemon juice, milk and water.


A microscope is a great tool to have to be able to look closer at objects or to see how things work on a cellular level.

A good experiment for a microscope is to prepare an onion skin slide and let students view and identify the different areas of the onion cell.  This is also a good introduction to teach students how to prepare microscope slides.

Durable Glass Beakers

Beakers are important for a high school chemistry lab because you will need these to hold various liquids for experiments.  Students will need to learn how to properly hold beakers depending on what kind of liquid is inside of the beaker.

Graduated Cylinders for Measuring Liquids

Graduated cylinders are used for measuring volumes of various liquids.  It is important that students are able to know how to use these and measure volumes inside of it.

Students can use these in many experiments but will need to know how to read the meniscus that will form at the top.

A Flask

A flask is a special kind of science container that has a wide bottom and a smaller opening up top.

A common, but interesting, experiment for chemistry students is creating lightning in the flask.

Hot Plate Stirrer

This is a benchtop laboratory tool that is used to mix different types of liquids and heat them evenly.

You can teach students how evaporation affects heating and cooling with this product and other experiments.

Test Tubes & Test Tube Rack

Test tubes and the test tube rack are a common element of a science lab.  These are used for many different experiments and can teach students how to transport small amounts of liquid.


Thermometers are used to measure temperatures of areas and liquids in a lab.  These are common elements in a science lab.

They can be used in many different experiments.  This includes testing out Charles’ Law and showing students the difference between the volume and temperature of gasses at constant pressure.

Tubing Pinch Clamp

Tubing pinch clamps help to shut off and clamp different types of tubing.  These are commonly used in many experiments, such as the Charles’ Law experiment above.

Glass Tubes

These tubes are used for storing, heating, mixing and cooling chemicals. They are another common element of many different experiments including teaching students how acids affect the rate of corrosion.

Rubber Stoppers

Rubber stoppers are used on top of laboratory glassware to create a liquid-tight seal.  These can be used with test tubes, jugs, flasks and other laboratory equipment.  These can be used in the experiment above, teaching students how acids affect corrosion.


The basic glassware you will need in a lab includes:

These different items can be used in many of the experiments above and to hold various other liquids for experiments you may conduct.  It is important to teach students the difference between these items.

Lab Tools

The basic lab tools you will need in a chemistry course are:

These basic tools will come in handy for many different experiments and will be important for students to be able to identify.

Chemistry Equipment

The basic chemistry equipment you will need are:

Students will need to be able to identify and know how to handle these pieces of equipment for many of the experiments above and when working in a lab setting. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Some important protective equipment you will need for students includes:

Teaching students safety in a lab setting is the most important part before beginning any experiments.  A good teaching experience is to give them a lab quiz and to have them set up for an experiment by putting on goggles, gloves and lab aprons before going to the lab area.

In conclusion, all of these items are important to have for a high school chemistry course.  These items are the basis for many experiments that will help to give students a hands-on approach to what they are learning about in class.

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