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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

The Top Liquid Handling Equipment And Consumables For Research Labs

When it comes to handling liquid in research labs, it’s important to use equipment that will ensure quality, precision, accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Pipettes and various attachments are designed to make the handling of liquids in the lab a smoother and easier process.


What is a Pipette?

A common tool found in medicine, biology, and chemistry labs is a pipette. A pipette is a dispenser used to transport a measured volume of liquid. They come in several different designs depending on the intended use with various levels of precision and accuracy. The dispensers create a vacuum for aspirating a specific amount of liquid or for dispensing a certain amount.

Different Types of Pipettes

Manual pipettes are operated solely by hand and rely on the repetitive action of hand pumping and air displacement. They are designed with disposable tips that come in contact with the liquid. Manual pipettes are great for occasional use and low volumes of liquid.

There are different sized mechanical pipettes that hold various volumes of liquid such as the following:

Electronic pipettes are much easier to operate since there is no hand pumping involved. Electronic pipettes reduce the possibility for human error such as contamination and irregular amounts of fluid. They also eliminate the need for breaks if lengthy pumping is required and there is no hand discomfort when using the electronic pipettes. These are great for labs where pipettes are used frequently, for lengthy periods of time, or for higher volumes of liquid.

Electronic pipettes come with different channels, sizes, and are designed for various volumes of liquid such as the following:

Pipette Controllers

What Is A Pipette Controller?

A pipette controller attaches to a pipette and allows you to quickly aspirate or dispense accurate volumes. It ensures that correct amounts of liquid are being dispersed at the correct intervals. The pipette controller offers various speed settings to accommodate viscosity and volume.

What Are The Uses?

Pipette Controllers are essential in medical labs. They can accurately measure blood samples, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. The Accuhelp Motorized Controller-PHO1 is a motorized controller with a ceramic plunger that works great in this scenario.

Bottle Top Dispensers

What Is A Bottle Top Dispenser?

A Bottle Top Dispenser is used during the process of dispensing liquids. It’s a liquid measuring device that attaches to the top of the container housing the liquid. This device ensures a safe and efficient distribution of liquid by preventing contamination in the lab setting.

What Are The Uses?

Bottle top dispensers are essential when dealing with highly aggressive chemicals that could corrode the surface being worked on or severely burn if contact is made with the skin.

When it comes to acids and alkaline solutions, the bottle top dispensers keep moisture away from the acids and prevent air from coming in contact with the alkaline solutions.

Bottle top dispensers also make filling tubes or small glass vessels easier and it keeps liquid sterile by preventing contamination.

The following are options to consider when purchasing bottle top dispensers with recirculation:

Here are some bottle top dispensers without recirculation:

Liquid Handling Consumables


Pipette tips improve the performance of your pipette. They come in many different sizes with ultra fine tips designed to enhance consistency, accuracy, and precision. These tips are disposable.


Tubes are another liquid handling consumable. They usually come in 15 ml and 50 ml tubes and are designed to be centrifuged to separate the different components of a fluid. The denser particles usually settle at the bottom of the tube while low-density particles usually rise to the top. It’s an efficient way to separate contaminants from the main source of fluid.

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