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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Buyer’s Guide to Laboratory Brushes

Hand tools play a key role in most lab procedures and are made to perform high-precision tasks. Therefore, these tools are made with a very specific purpose in mind. They are designed to carry out very detailed tasks in order to ensure accurate results. One such high-performance hand tool includes brushes. Every lab needs a wide array of high quality and precision laboratory brushes.

What are Laboratory Brushes?

Laboratory brushes are high-precision hand tools used in a lab that are specifically designed for a variety of cleaning applications. There are special brushes for cleaning flasks, centrifuges, catheters, cylinders, beakers, burettes, and test tubes

These laboratory brushes are also useful for other cleaning applications as well. These include erasing chemical etching, pre-soldering, removing rust, polishing, and deburring.

Different Types of Lab Brushes

The different types of lab brushes are designed to perform specific tasks. These brushes include the following:

  • ESD Brushes

  • ESD brushes, also known as electrostatic discharge brushes, include dissipative and antistatic brushes which are ideal in ESD areas. These brushes typically have either plastic or stainless steel handles. The plastic handles are conductive or static dissipative and can be used when cleaning delicate circuit boards and working with electronic components. ESD brushes are used to clean dust particles and solder debris from items that are easily damaged by static discharge. Brushes with soft bristles are designed to clean delicate components on circuits.

    There are also applicator brushes with double-ended applicators that have an end that is short, flat, chiseled, and extra stiff. Heat resistant and cleanroom safe brushes both have stainless steel handles. Heat resistant brushes have bristles made out of horse hair that are heat resistant up to 370℉ or 188℃. The cleanroom safe brushes feature the new Statigo9 fiber bristles which are like nylon.

  • Scratch Brushes

  • Scratch brushes are designed with plastic handles and either fiberglass, nylon, brass, or stainless steel bristles. This type of brush is useful for cleaning & erasing in chemical etching processes, rust removal, polishing, and fine deburring. Replacement tips are available for this type of brush.

  • Wire Brushes

  • Wire brushes are typically designed with a wire handle and nylon bristles. These brushes are used for cleaning carboys, bottles, vials, pipettes, burrettes, beakers, graduated cylinders, flasks, centrifuge tubes, plastic test tubes, and glass test tubes.

  • Other Brushes

  • Other brushes include heat resistant, instrument cleaning, and bench brushes. Heat resistant brushes resist heat up to 250℉ or 121℃ and are insulated for electrical charges. Instrument cleaning brushes are designed for dry brushing that is scratch-free and cleaning in general in tight areas. Bench brushes are made of high grade bristles with a wooden handle.

    Lab Pro has you covered when it comes to laboratory brushes. Laboratory brushes include ESD brushes, scratch brushes, wire brushes, heat-resistant brushes, instrument cleaning brushes, and bench brushes. They also carry replacement tips for brushes.

    For over 40 years, Lab Pro has been committed to providing laboratory brushes, glassware, reagents, and cleaning solutions for companies which test consumer products in California and worldwide. Come visit the biggest Lab Supply showroom in California, or contact us online or at 888-452-2776.