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Lab Glassware and Glassware Equipment

Lab Glassware and Glassware Equipment

Media Bottles: Top Uses and Applications

Media bottles are an essential and multifunctional piece of laboratory equipment. They can store a variety of chemicals and come in multiple sizes and shapes.

What is a Media Bottle?

Media bottles are bottles that are used for storage in a variety of laboratory processes. They are primarily made of glass because the glass is

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to view solution volume in your container
  • Manufactured at a laboratory grade
  • Printed with measured increments indicating volume
  • Colored amber if the solution is light sensitive
  • Strong enough to withstand high temperatures

What are the Different Types of Media Bottles?

Media bottles can appear quite different. This is so the media bottle can be specialized for certain processes. Those differences can appear as

Amber Versus Transparent Glass

For some processes it is vital to know if you should use an amber media bottle over a transparent one. Amber protects light sensitive chemicals, which can break down in the presence of natural, infrared, or ultraviolet light. Solutions like organic solvents should be stored in amber glass.

Compounds that are not light sensitive can be stored in the transparent glass bottle. This is a common way to store non-volatile chemical compounds.

Square Versus Rounded Bottles

Square media bottles are often used in process that require autoclaving. This is because it is often essential to pack as many bottles into the autoclave as you can for space saving and efficiency. Micro labs need to process samples quickly as many parts of the process are time sensitive. They also have to make large amounts of media and agar regularly, finding that the racks of square bottles are much easier to handle. Square media bottles are also commonly used to store solid chemicals in their granular form.

Rounded media bottles are more common in analytical laboratories. This is because solutions are easier to mix and stir in a rounded container compared to a square one. In these laboratories it is important to ensure solutions are effectively mixed to form homogenous solutions.

Wide Mouth Versus Narrow Mouth

Some laboratory processes are much easier with a wide mouth bottle instead of a narrow mouthed one. If it is a media bottle that contains granular solids, it is easier to scoop the chemical out for weighing when the mouth is wide.

A narrower mouth can be useful when pipetting solutions into a media bottle. It has a stronger slope on the shoulders of the bottle which typically ensures that the added chemical will be combined with the solution in the container.

PET Bottles

Lab Pro Inc even offers a single use media bottle made of PET. It is perfect for mixing solutions, sampling, or storing certain chemicals. Its square edges make it great for space saving. They are lightweight and break resistant, making them great options if the samples need to travel.

What are the Benefits of Media Bottles?

There are lot of benefits to be had by using media bottles to store your solutions. They include

  • Sloping shoulders help move the liquid down into the container so that any added liquids can become part of the contained solution
  • They come in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of laboratory procedures.
  • They safely contain the chemical solution, keeping the reagent free from contamination.
  • They are reusable when cleaned effectively to prevent cross contamination.
  • They are made from borosilicate glass, which is great at withstanding high temperatures.

What are the Top Uses for Media Bottles?

Most lab benches and storage areas are filled with a variety of media bottles. Everything from research labs, micro labs, manufacturing labs, and so many more need media bottles for their daily processes. Some of the top uses include:

Media Preparation

Media bottles play a big part in making agar needed for micro analysis. The agar solution is mixed in the media bottles and then the bottles are heated to a high temperature. After that, the media is sterilized, often by being placed in an autoclave. Then the agar can be poured into plates that will be used for micro analysis.

Storage of Laboratory Reagents

Analytical labs require these bottles for the storage of laboratory reagents. They make for safe storage, handling, and space efficiency. They are easy for laboratory staff to work with and to clean for reuse. They also protect the chemicals from light and contamination.

Biological Buffers

Buffers are really important in a wide range of laboratory processes because they maintain a constant pH. Those pH buffers are essential for the calibration of pH probes. Testing pH is a requirement for most analytical methods and media preparation.

Specialized Laboratory Procedures

Media bottles are required for a number of specialized laboratory processes like

  • Stem cell storage
  • Mammalian and bacterial cultures
  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) fluid supply container
  • Research and Development Labs

Media Bottles Near Me

Media bottles are a quick one stop shop away by shopping with Lab Pro Inc. Lab Pro Inc offers media bottles in a variety of size, shapes and gradients. Contact our pros and they can help you select the right media bottle for your laboratory needs.

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