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Lab Glassware and Glassware Equipment

Lab Glassware and Glassware Equipment

Guide to Common Lab Glassware Equipment: Beakers

Glassware equipment are standard instruments found in lab settings. This is because glassware is relatively inexpensive, very durable, and offers specific levels of precision. Standard grade glass is useful in many scenarios but cracks under rapid heating and cooling applications due to expansion and contraction.

That’s why beakers are mostly made from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass has physical properties that allow it to resist extreme temperature changes. This type of glass is resistant to chemicals, easy to sterilize, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400° C.

One of the most common names for borosilicate glass is Pyrex. Pyrex is typically associated with kitchen bakeware and is the brand name of the borosilicate glass and not the name of the beaker.

Beakers are also made from plastic or metal. Plastic beakers have no breakage, are easy to store, and are lighter. Metal beakers are opaque and tend to cost more.

There are other features of beakers as well. Some beakers are disposable and are intended for one or limited use. Beakers are also marked with lines to indicate volume. However, these lines only represent approximate values and are not designed for accurate measurements. Some beakers also have handles.

What Are Glass Beakers Used For?

Glass beakers are the most commonly used glass instrument in the lab. These cylindrical-shaped instruments have flat bottoms and usually a small beak or spout for pouring. Beakers are available in a wide range of materials and sizes ranging from one milliliter to several liters and are used to stir, heat, mix, measure, or dispense liquids. The diameter can run anywhere from 20 mm to 230 mm.

Glass beakers usually have thicker walls, heavier bottoms, and reinforced spouts and rims. These are designed to last longer and be safer, and are less prone to breakage.

While the Phillips and Griffin beakers carry out the main functions, there are unique beakers, also known as Berzelius beakers, for titration experiments, Flatform beakers for hot bath heating, and plastic beakers for gamma spectral analysis.

Can I Put a Glass Beaker on a Hot Plate?

Hot plates are commonly used when working with glass beakers. Glass beakers made of borosilicate glass can be placed on a hot plate. That’s because borosilicate glass resists extreme temperature changes and can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C. The flat bottom makes it easy to put a beaker on a hot plate.

You can do this by pouring liquid slowly into the beaker to avoid splashing any of the liquid. Use the graduated or measuring lines on the beaker to add the volume desired. Stir the liquid in the beaker with a spoon or stirrer. Center the beaker on the hot plate to heat the liquid. When handling a hot beaker, always use safety tongs. Pour the liquid out of the beaker by using the spout for a controlled fluid flow.

Types of Glass Beakers

There are mainly two types of beakers. These are known as low form beakers and tall form beakers. Low-form beakers are also known as Griffin beakers. Low-form beakers may have handles for easy pouring. Due to their low form, these wide flat bottom beakers are ideal for heating on a hot plate.

Tall form beakers are also known as Berzelius beakers. They are twice as tall as they are wide. These beakers have tapered sides, a spout for pouring, and a handle. Taller beakers are ideal for titrations.

Where to Buy Glass Beakers

Lab Pro offers glassware equipment such as beakers that are durable and sturdy. They all feature spots for marking and are easy to write on when labeling. The beakers are made with heavy and uniform wall thickness, spouts for controlled liquid flow, and beaded tops. They provide the optimum balance between heat and mechanical shock. Tolerance for the beakers is +/- 5%.

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