Yamato SI-601 Dry Sterilizer 159l 115/220v

SKU: SI-601  Dry Sterilizers,
Programmable 159L dry heat sterilizer with improved temperature controller and enhanced safety features and independent overheat prevention device. Digital setting by main menu and ?? keys for fixed temperature, program, quick auto stop, auto stop and auto start operations. Standard equipped with calibration off-set, lock function, power failure recovery mode. Programmable with maximum 30 steps, 6 patterns, repeat operation. Operating temp. range ambient +5~260°C
Product Categories: Autoclaves - Dry
Size (W x H x L): 36 x 43 x 36
Weight: 219Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8419.20.0020
UNSPSC Code: 42281502 - Dry heat or hot air sterilizers
Country of Origin: JP