Yamato FO-310CR Furnace With Comm Port 7.5l 220v

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Standard 7.5L muffle furnace using microprocessor-controlled thermo-regulator characterized by excellent repeatability. Used for high temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics and soldering and brazing metals. Easy to use controller. Excellent heat tightness with a firmly sealed chamber door. High temperature accuracy at ±2.0°C. Program operation of maximum of 6 patterns: 30 steps x 1 pattern, 15 steps x 2 patterns or 10 steps x 3 patterns. Safety features include self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, lock function, auto-recovery after power failure, earth leakage breaker and automatic overheat prevention device. Selectable options include exhaust system unit, N? gas loading device (with flow meter), temperature output terminal, time up/alarm output terminal and sample tray. Upgraded with long life R-thermocouple sensors. Designed with communication port. Temperature range: 100~1150°C.
Product Categories: Muffle Furnace
Size (W x H x L): 36 x 33 x 36
Weight: 155Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8514.30.9000
UNSPSC Code: 40101805 - Furnaces
Country of Origin: CH