Yamato DTS-830 Clean Oven Prg Max 360? 327l 220v

SKU: DTS-830  Cleanroom Ovens,
Space-saving large capacity 327L forced convection Class 100 clean oven. Improved visibility and operability of control panel. Stable cleanliness through forced circulation with rear exhaust. Displays power consumption, CO2 emissions and heater manipulated variables on the control panel. Incorporates a maximum of 99 steps, 99 patterns program controller with repeat function. Offers several options such as recorder, manual/auto damper, N2 gas introducer with flow meter and emergency switch. Operating temp range of ambient +30~360°C
Product Categories: Ovens - Clean
Size (W x H x L): 41 x 86 x 53
Weight: 1022Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8514.30.9000
UNSPSC Code: 41104504 - Laboratory mechanical convection ovens
Country of Origin: JP