Yamato DE-611 Clean Oven Prg Max 260? 216l 220v

SKU: DE-611  Cleanroom Ovens,
Forced convection 216L Class 100 clean oven suitable for temperature test in a dust-free environment. Improved visibility and operability with its V type controller. Displays power consumption, CO2 emissions and heater manipulated variables on the control panel. Adopts anti-fouling casters which prevents wheel contamination during transportation. Improved visibility of HEPA filter replacement timing by three color indication. Enhanced safety with its phase-reversal relay detecting incorrect power source at installation Larger cable port of ?33mm. Improved optional accessories and more customization options. Operating temp range of ambient +30~260°C
Product Categories: Ovens - Clean
Size (W x H x L): 46 x 82 x 58
Weight: 1012Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8514.30.9000
UNSPSC Code: 41104504 - Cleanroom ovens
Country of Origin: JP