Yamato BE-301 Imrs Cooler Flx Tube 350w 115/220v

SKU: BE-301  Immersion Circulators,
Easy to use benchtop immersion cooler with stainless steel flexible tube cooling coil used in combination with water bath. Cools down water bath immediately by dipping cooling coil into fluid. Stainless steel flexible cooling coil is high corrosion resistant and can be easily bent to fit various bath capacities. Improved safety by adopting overcurrent circuit breaker. Comes with handles for better usability. Temperature range from -20 ~ +35°C.
Product Categories: Baths - Immersion Temp Control
Size (W x H x L): 33 x 28 x 25
Weight: 103Lb
US Harmonization Code: 8419.19.0060
UNSPSC Code: 41103712 - Immersion circulators
Country of Origin: JP