TV Tube, Mini, 1.0X 29-90-90-000

Excelitas 29-90-90-000 1.0x Mini Tv Tube 1.0x

FUSION Flexibility...At the heart of FUSION‘s extreme versatility, is the simplicity of stacking a variety of modules to affect magnification, function, form and wavelength of the lens system. With the Optem FUSION System, the optical magnification is the product of the magnification of the Lower Lens, Zoom dial setting (if Zoom and the magnification of the Camera Tube. This formula works even when using Qioptiq Microscope Objectives which can be modified to affect form, function and performance across the Visible (400-700nm), the Near Infrared (NIR – 700-1100nm), and the Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR – 900-1700nm) wavebands.
FUSION Component Matrix:
Please refer to the Optical Performance Chart that matches your chosen Fixed magnification or Zoom configuration (e.g., with or without Objectives, with Standard or Mini Camera Tubes). Following the flow lines in the FUSION Component Matrix you can identify the components you will require to configure the lens performance you desire.

  • Categories: Microscopes & Accessories > Optical Inspection Equipment - Accessories
  • Manufacturer: Excelitas Technologies
  • Series: Optem
  • Accessory Type: Mini Camera Tube
  • For Use With/Related Products: Optem® Zoom 70XL