Techspray Conductive Pen - 2505-N

SKU: 2505-N  Solder and Flux Remover,Techspray
The TraceTech Conductive Pen is a silver ink pen for repairing electronic traces.   The pen contains a fast drying, silver filled ink designed to quickly make highly conductive silver traces.
Features & Benefits
  • Repairs traces
  • Makes smooth jumpers
  • Silver conductive pen
  • Fast cure - 3-5 minutes at room temp.

The TraceTech board repair system allows any level of technician to quickly perform quality board repairs in-house without the use of expensive equipment or time-consuming and unsightly jumpers.   Meets IPC board repair standards.  Other traceTech pens are available to allow quick convenient and high-quality board repair and rework.

Categories: Board Repair Pens, Trace Tech
Applications: Electronic Repair
Units Per Case: 12