Techspray 100ct disposable tub - 1608-100DSP

SKU: 1608-100DSP  IPA Wipes,Solder and Flux Remover,Techspray
Convenient, low­linting wipes are pre­saturated with 70% pure IPA and 30% DI water. 3 choices packaging choices available:
  • Flip-top tubs - Spring-loaded lid automatically closes and sealed top reduces waste from dry-out
  • Disposable tubs - Lower cost disposable tub
  • Refill rolls - Replacement wipes fit in either Flip-top or Pop-up tubs to save money and reduce waste
Wipe Options

Nonwoven Polyester Material (1608)

  • 5”x8” (127mm x 203mm)
  • Lint-free, tear resistant polyester
  • 550g IPA/roll
  • 100 wipes/roll

Commercial-Grade Nonwoven Cellulose-Poly Material (1608CP)

Engineered for high volume PCB assembly and other types of production. This cellulose-poly material has greater absorbency and is less likely to snag or shred, making these wipes ideal for stencil and PCB cleaning.

  • 5”x8” (127mm x 203mm)
  • Lint-free, tear resistant collulose-polyester
  • 650g IPA/roll
  • 150 wipes/roll – 50% more wipes & less packaging waste!

Features & Benefits
  • Ideal for electronics cleaning
  • Plastic-safe
  • Lint-free & tear resistant

Please note these products do not have antiviral properties.

Categories: Flux Remover, Degreasers, PCB Assembly Cleaners, Wipes, Wipes - Presaturated, Degreasers - Solvent, Flux Remover - TEMP, Commercial-Grade Alcohol Wipes (114), Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Products (10)
Applications: Electronic Assembly, Electronic Repair, Fiber Optics Cleaning, Plant Maintenance, SMT / Wave Soldering Cleaning
Units Per Case: 6