Tangent Galvanometer - TNGV01

SKU: TNGV01  Compasses,United Scientific Supplies
Classic demonstration of how a current loop generates a magnetic field. Two coils of insulated wire, with five and ten turns respectively, are wound around a 6" diameter plastic ring. The ring is mounted on a plastic base with three binding posts that allow connection to five, ten, or fifteen turns of wire. A magnetic compass (included) can be placed on the base to observe and measure deflection of the compass. An activity guide is included. Power source and connecting wires not included.
Additional Info: Demonstrates how a current loop generates a magnetic field.  two coils of insulated wire with 5 and 10 turns respectively are wound around a 6" dia. Plastic ring. includes magnetic compass & activity guide.  power source & connecting wires not included. 
Package Size(L x W x H): 7.5 X 6.5 X 3 (IN)
Categories: Magnetism, Galvanometer
HTS Code: 8543.30.000
UNSPSC: 4.11136e+007
Country Of Origin: INDIA