Solar Kit, Basic - SLRKIT-B

SKU: SLRKIT-B  Electric Kits,United Scientific Supplies
The Solar Kit offers a convenient introduction to the conversion of solar light energy into electrical energy. The conversion is carried out by a photoelectric panel, and three “consumers” are included to demonstrate the use of the electrical energy; an LED shows the conversion back to light, a buzzer shows the conversion to sound energy, and a motor demonstrates the conversion to mechanical energy. A mirror is also included to allow various amounts of sunlight to be reflected onto the panel to investigate the effect of the amount of solar energy on the electrical energy produced.
Additional Info: solar kit, basic
Package Size(L x W x H): 3 X 3 X 2 (IN)
Categories: Electricity, Kits
HTS Code: 9023.00.0000
UNSPSC: 6.01047e+007
Country Of Origin: CHINA