SCS Smp Diagnostic Kit - 770050

SKU: 770050  SCS,Static Management Program
  • SMP Diagnostic Kit
    Fully equipped with the hardware and software that allows you to pinpoint areas of concern and prevent ESD events. The portable kit provides real-time data which will validate your ESD process one area at a time.
  • Kit Includes
    • (1) 770055 SMP Software License
      Software used with SCS Ground Master (770060), EM Aware (770066) and WS Aware (770061, 770062) monitors
    • (1) 770060 Ground Master Monitor
      Continuously monitors the path-to-ground impedance and electromagnetic integrity of eight metal ground connections of process tools in work areas
    • (1) 770061 WS Aware Monitor
      Continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity and body voltage of two operators, as well as the path-to-ground integrity for two conductive or dissipative worksurfaces and two metal tools
    • (3) 770066 EM Aware Monitors
      Continuously monitors ESD events, change in static voltage field, and ionizer performance
    • (1) 8-Port Ethernet Switch and (6) CAT5E Cables
      Connects all included continuous monitors to a local area network (LAN)
  • Pelican 1510 Carry-On Case with Lid Organizer and Foam Insert
    Protects and stores test equipment; meets carry-on luggage size restrictions
  • NIST Calibrated with Certificate
    Calibrated with accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. For more information on calibration of SCS products, see Calibration
  • Made in the United States of America