SCS Power Relay, For Ws Aware Monitor - 770069

SKU: 770069  ESD Workstation Monitors,SCS
  • Relay Controlled Power Strip with 4 Outlets (2 Normally Off, 1 Normally On, 1 Always On)
    Controls power to workbenches, hand tools, and other electronic devices dependent on the WS Aware Monitor’s status
  • 3 kV Optical Isolation, Relay Hysteresis, and De-bounce Protection
    Eliminates shock hazard, prevents relay chatter, and extends contact life
  • 3600 W Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
    Clamps surges for clean 90-140 VAC power
  • 12 A Thermal Circuit Breaker
    Prevents overloads for added safety
  • Compatible with the following items:
    • 770067 WS Aware Monitor
    • 770068 WS Aware Monitor
  • 90-120 VAC Input Rating with North American Power Cord
    Works with standard electrical systems in North America