SCS Heel Grounder, Cup Style, 1 Meg Resistor - HGC1M

SKU: HGC1M  ESD Foot Grounders,SCS
  • Wide sole
    Additional surface area allows for a better path to ground.
  • Tear resistant rubber with inner scrim
    Reinforced material prevents tearing - increasing the service life of foot grounder
  • Elastic hook and loop strap
    Size adjustable material expands to fit most shoe sizes comfortably and flex during walking
  • 24" conductive ribbon grounding tab
    Additional conductive material provides reliable connection with operator’s sweat-layer
  • Non-Marking interior layer
    Will not mar operator’s shoes
  • One megohm series resistor
    To protect operator from accidental contact with equipment line voltage
  • UL listed
    Independently reviewed for adequacy of the product's design
  • Rg: <1.2 x 106 ohms per ESD SP9.2 7 ESD TR53
  • Made in the United States of America