SCS Esd Pro Esd Event Indicator - CTM082

SKU: CTM082  ESD Event Detection,SCS
  • ESD Event Indicator
    Detects and counts ESD events for control program troubleshooting and improvement.
  • Ten LED Display
    Shows the relative strength of the ESD event.
  • Adjustable Alarm Threshold
    Use the rotary switch to set the strength for which the ESD event must meet in order to be counted.
  • Four-Digit Counter
    Displays the number of ESD events that occurred at or above the alarm threshold.
  • CDM Filter Switch
    Filters and rejects EMI signals that are not caused by Charged Device Model discharges.
  • Portable Operation with 9 Volt Battery
    No charging or sourcing of special batteries needed.
  • Assembled in the United States of America with Globally Sourced Materials
    This item is assembled and stocked in Chino, CA.