SCI380HS-Pro 5.5 x 5.5 in. LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer, 380C Max. - 80302611159999

SKU: 80302611159999  Hot Plate Stirrers,Scilogex, LLC

SCI380HS-Pro 5.5 x 5.5 in. LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Features:


  • Heat only, stir only or heat and stir together functions
  • Free accessory! PT-1000 Sensor for medium temperature control
  • Digital temperature control with max. temperature at 380°C
  • Digital speed control with max. speed up to 1500rpm
  • High resolution LCD displays actual temperature and speed
  • Brushless DC motor is maintenance free
  • Ceramic plate for chemical resistance and easy clean
  • Aluminum cover with ceramic work plate, allows for immediate heat transfer
  • Electronic speed control for constant speed even during changes in load
  • External temperature control is possible with temperature sensor PT1000
  • Hot warning sign if temperature is above 50°C
  • Comes with a free 50mm L x 5mm Dia. Magnetic Stir bar
  • Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 5L
  • cTUVus approved for UL and CSA
  • 2 Year Warranty


The new SCI380HS-Pro hotplate-stirrer is a very economically priced LCD digital hotplate-stirrer ideal for temperatures below 380°C. This compact unit can be used as a hotplate, stirrer or combination.


SCILOGEX 380°C magnetic hotplate stirrers include all leading safety standards and is chemically-resistant with white ceramic work plate. They can be used in physical, chemical, analytical and biological laboratories.


SCI380HS-Pro 5.5 x 5.5 in. LCD Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Specifications:


Work plate dimension 140x140mm
Work plate material Aluminum cover with ceramic coating
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Motor input power 2.4W
Motor output power 1.8W
Power 510W
Heating output 500W
Voltage 100-120V 60Hz
Stirring positions 1
Max. stirring quantity 5L
Max. magnetic bar[length] 50mm
Speed range 20-1500rpm
Speed display LCD
Temperature display LCD
Heating temperature range Room Temp.+5°C. - 380°C
Overheat protection 420°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
External temperature sensor PT1000 (accuracy ±0.5°C)
Control accuracy of sensor ±20rpm
Protection class IP21
Dimension[WxDxH] 320x180×108mm
Weight 2.2kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C, 80%RH