Scienscope MAC-PK1-R3 MACRO w/ VersaCam Series Complete Video System Packages

MACRO w/ VersaCam Series Complete Video System Packages - MAC-PK1-R3
Great Visual Inspection Macro Lens With Wide Field of View! The CC-97-LN1 Scienscope Macro Lens can accommodate over 2 1/2 Inches FOV. Scienscope Macro Lens is great for applications requiring a long working distance. Ranges of 7" to 12" with close up lens and 11" to Infinity when removing close up lens. Magnification ranges from 5x to 60x with 8" of working distance. The Scienscope MAC-PK1-R3-AF Lens has an adjustable fine focus, zoom adjust and aperture adjust for quick and easy imaging. Ergonomic Design With Extended Post Stand (SP-76-18) - provides long working distance for larger parts and workstations. System includes Versa Cam (CC-HDMI-CD2) with built in SD Card Image and Movie Capture, Digital Zoom, Picture in Picture, Crosshair Generator and USB output to connect to computer and free version of Video Image Essentials capture and annotation software ($495 Value). New Auto-Focus Camera (CC-HDMI-AF2) - Super fast and easy to use. As you move a part in the field of view, the camera automatically bring the image into focus at 60 frames per second. Dual HDMI and USB output available for image capture and direct connection to computer. System includes IL-LED-R3 Compact High Intensity Adjustable LED Ring Light 10,000 hour illumination. Includes Polarizer - Great for highly reflective parts. Comes Complete with 24" High Resolution Flat Screen LCD Monitor. Best Macro Video Inspection System on the Market today!

CC-97-LN1, SB-76-47, SP-76-18, IL-LED-R3, CC-LCD-23H, CC-HDMI-CD2

Specification based on 23" Monitor
Working Distance Magnification Field of View
5.5" High 90X 5mm
Low 20X 23mm
7" High 64X 8mm
Low 13X 34mm
8" High 55X 9.5mm
Low 11.5X 43mm
9" High 47X 10.5mm
Low 10X 48mm
10" High 42X 12mm
Low 9X 54mm
Specification based on 12" Monitor
Working Distance Magnification Field of View
4.5" High 60X 4.75mm
7" High 30X 8.8mm
Low 10X 25mm
8" High 28X 9mm
Low 9.75X 25.5mm
9" High 24.5X 10.75mm
Low 8.75X 30mm
10" High 21.5X 11.8mm
Low 7.75X 33.75mm