Sealing film- Aluminum membrane- pk/100-P1001-A

SKU: P1001-A  Membrane Filters,

The sealing options in the Pure•Amp™ line include clear plastic film for end-point PCR, two optically clear films for qPCR, plus one pierceable aluminum membrane for storage and/or PCR. All Pure•Amp™ sealing products are pre-cut for a perfect fit on the plate every time and are guaranteed to keep evaporation rates under 5% in typical PCR applications. Packaged in clear zip lock bags of 10 membranes within the standard pack of 100 membranes. All Pure•Amp™ tubes, strips and plates are made of medical grade heat-resistant polypropylene. All Pure•Amp™ products are PCR certified and are guaranteed to be free of RNase, DNase, DNA, pyrogens, endotoxins and PCR inhibitors.