Miniature Dc Motor For Solar Experiments - DCM015-C

SKU: DCM015-C  Solar Enegery,United Scientific Supplies
Solar motor is specifically designed for experiments using low starting voltage (0.5V) and current (25mA). Speed: 1000-5000 RPM. Motor is approximately 38mm long x 24mm in diameter. Shaft size is 8mm long x 2mm in diameter. Includes soldered-on 4" wire leads.
Additional Info: Telegraph key, mounted on a solid plastic base, measuring 11cm x 5cm, with two screw-type connecting terminals.
Package Size(L x W x H): 1.5 X 0.9 X 0.9 (IN)
Categories: Electricity, Solar Enegery
HTS Code: 8479.89.9899
UNSPSC: 2.61012e+007
Country Of Origin: CHINA