Mini Pipettes, 250 Ul - PMP250

These mini pipettes include a two step plunger that facilitates super blowout from the tip (last drop dispensing), resulting in very high accuracy and precision. This allows the mini pipette to be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.The tip cone of the 5?l, 10?l, and 20?l mini pipettes is designed to accept both regular 200?l tips or ultra micro tips up to 20?l. Use of ultra micro tips for volumes up to 20?l enhances accuracy and precision. Can be used for reverse pipetting and repetitive pipetting.These pipettes provide an optimum length of 130mm for user comfort during pipetting, and are fully autoclavable at 121°C, 15psi for 10 to 15 minutes. Plungers are color coded for different volumes for easy identification in the lab.Each pipette is individually calibrated per DIN 12650 standards. Pipettes are manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified facility - calibration certificates for specific batches are available upon request.
Additional Info: Mini Pipettes, 250ul. +-.5% Accuracy, .5% Precision
Package Size(L x W x H): 7.5 X 3.3 X 0.5 (IN)
Categories: Pipettes, Mini
HTS Code: 8479.89.9899
UNSPSC: 2.31516e+007
Country Of Origin: INDIA